About Us

In 2013, two life long friends, with over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, made the decision to enter into business together. We wanted to create a concept that provide quality, Italian style pizza, at a great value to our guest, using only the freshest ingredients. We take pride in delivering great service and we will do anything to make sure all of our guests receive a memorable experience.

After four years, the people have responded! Thanks to our loyal customers and our great staff, we have the opportunity to repeat the success of the Shelton location, by opening a second location in Fairfield, Connecticut

When we realized the potential of the business, we wanted to duplicate the results by opening up a second location, but ultimately with a vision of multiple locations spread throughout southern Connecticut. However, the only way to do that was to build a team around us. So we took a brother and another life long friend, whom also had over 20 years combined experience in the restaurant industry, and made them partners.

Together, we intend to build on top of what is already a great product and concept. Creating new dishes, a new online ordering experience, and loyalty reward programs are all things which will enhance the customers overall experience. And we are just getting started….

"We will always continue to grow, to improve, and to get better at our craft. With your support, we hope to gain your loyalty by providing the same great product at a great value, creating a memorable experience, so that you think of DJ's pizza the next time you order out!"